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Real Estate Acquisition

For over 40 years, AGA, through its Principals and affiliates, has been an industry leader in the acquisition of investment real estate and has excelled in the structuring, financing, and equity-funding relative to the purchase of income-producing property and other development opportunities.

AGA has sponsored over 100 Partnerships and/or limited liability companies to purchase real estate and operates properties in six states in the Midwest, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. In addition to generating positive cash flow and providing long term capital appreciation with the corresponding tax advantages, these entities afford an individual the opportunity to participate in the benefits of real estate ownership with a minimum capital investment and limited personal liability.

Notwithstanding the constant changes in the tax codes, over the long term, few investments offer the same overall benefits as real estate ownership, particularly the long term appreciation component. Maximum appreciation of a syndicated property is realized when the property is purchased reasonably, managed competently, and sold in a timely fashion. Responsible acquisition requires an acute awareness of market value and a critical analysis of the past, present, and potential performance anticipated from a property. As always, AGA oversees the property's day-to-day operations, enhancing its performance and allowing ownership to have hands on understating of the property's maintenance and its ability to secure and retain quality tenants. Knowing when to sell a property is ultimately the most important decision. AGA, with its experience, market knowledge and proven success, is eminently qualified to make these strategic decisions.

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